Whimsy: Progress on the Feline/Canine Commission

Janice_mcdonald.cat1 Janice_mcdonald.cat2Janice_mcdonald.dog2 Janice_mcdonald.dog1Here are snapshots of four of the six pet collage portraits (12 x 12 x 1") that I've been working on for a recent commission. "They" have been fun to work on. It's really different to start out to make a specific creature (3 feline, 3 canine) versus the images that tend to evolve in my Foundling series. Still, they develop distinct and whimsical personalities as I work! I'll post photos of the other two soon.Meanwhile, I'm moving into the work on figures for the wall installation this week... big black gessoed boards are everywhere, waiting to come to life!