Final touches: collage commission 4

Adding the root structure and bridging the pattern across panels.Getting the roots to align well from one panel to another was challenging. They needed to intertwine and anchor the composition. Each root was put down separately so the process was additive. I ripped lots of curving pieces (many of which were rejected) before I got the look I wanted.I also added ripped rounds of rice paper and a metallic silver paper to punctuate the roots and symbolize the energy of nutrients and water droplets. The placement of each little element was carefully considered, piece after piece. The metallic paper adds just a bit of sparkle but is hard to photograph, appearing whiter than it looks in person.Root detail with applied circles of metallic and rice papers.Once I thought that I was close-to-done, I still didn't have an adequate place to hang the four pieces together. So they were evaluated in this carefully stacked position multiple times as I tweaked details.Eventually, they were deemed finished and received multiple coats of protective varnish before being carefully wrapped for delivery.Collage panels stacked in the studio. 

Hardhat tour at commission site

Hardhat tour of hospital building under constructionI've been commissioned to create a four-part collage for the new Castle Rock Adventist Hospital. A fun first step was a hardhat tour, with all the commissioned artists, to see where our art would ultimately be located. My work will go on a wall in the surgical waiting area.rootthumbnailsketchThe commissioned pieces will all relate to the aspen tree in some way. After measuring the wall, and spending time thinking about the root concept that was requested, I drew up a series of rough, thumbnail ideas with some notations about intent. These were presented by the art consultant who is managing the process.rootsketch2013The hospital art selection group decided on a quadrant format that will have a hillside cross-section motif. The root idea, a nod to connectedness and community, will be the focus of the piece. Did you know the aspen tree is the world's largest living organism? Really! Whole groves are connected by a single root system.The four panels are now getting prepped with gesso in the studio and I'm anxious to get the project underway. More on this endeavor to follow...